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11 Stability Ball Exercises for the Core

11 Stability Ball Exercises for the Core

These 11, yes 11, stability ball exercises for the core are a mix between beginner to advance level. They are meant to challenge your core, balance and coordination. Once you master an exercise, you can start combining some of the exercises, ie: plank rollout with plank circles, plank circles to knee ins etc.

The key to these core exercises is to make sure you engage your core. Do not let your back sag or arch. If you feel you are unable to keep your back from arching or sagging then the exercise is probably too advanced for you. Begin with a more stable surface (floor) and work your way up to the stability ball.

Prior to these exercises be sure to foam roll your lats and pecs.


1. Planks-

Pointers: Chest off the ball

2. Knees to Chest–Intermediate- Advanced

3. Plank Knee ins–Intermediate -Advanced

4. Crunches- Beginner

5. Arm Rollouts–Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced

6. Trunk Rotations–Beginner

7. Plank Rollouts- Intermediate-Advanced

8. Hand Circles- Advanced

9. Inchworm–Intermediate-Advanced

Pointers: Use your abdominals to initiate movement.

10. Plank Cirles- Intermediate-Advanced

Pointers: Keep your chest off the ball, make the circles with your shoulders, not entire body.

11. ABH Crunches w/ Dumbbell—Beginner

Pointers: Keep your hips up during this movement

Equipment needed

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