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Should You Have Surgery??

Should You Have Surgery?

At the end of the day, the question ‘Should you have surgery ‘ is completely dependent on you. Are you going to do the things necessary in order to regain normal function in your joints? Or aren’t you? Those are questions you have to ask and answer yourself.

For most, surgery is avoidable simply by regular resistance training, stretching and muscle release. By regular I mean, every week for months…year…years… etc. It’s not going to be a simple solution. BUT neither is surgery. Even with surgery you are going to have to maintain normal function within your muscles.

Now for some of you, surgery may be the only option at this point. If your ligaments or tendons are completely shot, you have severe arthritis, injury, etc., then surgery will be the only solution in order to gain function.

Remember, this is all solely opinion based on what I’ve learned, what I have experienced from clients in my clinic, and from what I understand about the body. In no way shape or form am I a Doctor so do not take this as anything more than what it is, an opinion.

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