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Resistance Band Leg Workouts-Get a Cost-Effective Workout at Home!

Resistance Band Leg Workouts

Pumping iron isn’t the only way to strengthen your legs. Weight training usually targets the big guns – hamstrings, quads, and gluteus maximus and neglects the smaller muscles crucial for the joint stability and balance, such as adductors and hip abductors, the oblique and the flexors. Resistance band leg workouts are one of the best ways to work every muscle in the lower body and it can be done anywhere. Read on to know about the best resistance band moves for the lower body.

Do the exercises as a circuit and complete one set of each with one-minute rest in between the rounds. For a leg day, start with 3-4 rounds of 4-5 exercises. If combined with upper body exercises, pick three or four moves. Add more when you feel you are getting stronger.

  • Squat w/ Abduction

This exercise strengthens the quads, glutes and hamstrings while engaging the hip-abductor muscles to train the correct position of the knee and stability. Squat until the knees are bent to around 90 degrees. Drive your knees outward against the band throughout the movement.

  • Lateral-Band Steps

It strengthens the hip-abductor muscles and quads. Place a resistance band around both the legs and position it above the knees or around the ankles. Maintain the athletic stance and keep the tension in the band throughout the exercise. You should feel it on the outside of your thighs and hips. For extra resistance band leg workouts, perform the exercise from a deeper squat.

  • Standing Glute Kickbacks

It makes the hamstrings and glutes firm. Place the band around your ankles and stand with the feet hip-width apart. Engage the core muscles, shift the weight on one leg and with another one, and slowly kick backward about 6-9 inches. Focus on the form and balance. Your hamstrings and glutes should do all the work here. You can also kickback at a slight angle to target the glute medius.

  • Seated Flexion and ADD/Abduction

This exercise strengthens the gluteus maximus and quads while engaging the gluteus medius to train the correct position of the knee and stability. Place the band above the knees. Sit on the edge of a chair or bench, ideally at a height where the knees are bent to 90 degrees while sitting. Raise your knee and step outside the chair width then return your leg to the starting position. Keep your core engaged the whole time, do not let your back slouch and do not lean back into the chair. You will also feel this movement on the inside of your thighs (adductors).

These resistance band leg workouts are some of the best to keep the muscles healthy. Give them a try and let me know how they feel in the comment section!

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