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11 Best Pushup Variations

Pushup Variations

These are pushup variations that you can add to your chest days. These are good exercises to use as a super set to chest and shoulder presses.

In order to have optimal pec function you must make sure your pecs aren’t too tight. Be sure to release the pectorals before any chest exercise. I would also be sure to warm up the rotator cuff muscles with internal and external rotation, prior to any chest exercises to avoid any shoulder pain in the future.

I would avoid these exercises if you have shoulder pain, wrist pain or elbow pain! It’s never a good thing to exercise a muscle group when you are experiencing pain where that muscle attaches.

The muscles the pushups target are pectorals, anterior deltoids, and triceps.

Please refer to  Pectoralis Muscles (Pecs) before performing these exercises.


Keep the core engaged, do not let back sag or arch, also, get that chest to ground, do not just bend at the elbows.

Incline Pushups

Keep the core engaged, do not let back sag or arch. Get that chest to the bench.

Decline Pushups

Keep the core engaged, do not let back sag or arch.

Pushup w/Row

This one may be a bit challenging. Have your legs a little further apart for this exercise to help with balance and positioning. Still focus on keeping your core engaged as you perform the row movement.

We are giving the lats some extra work during this exercise

Pushup w/Clap

Another challenging exercise. Focus on using all your force as your press up from the down position. You’ll need to create enough space to clap and land on your hands. Do not try this if you are not advanced.

Pushup w/Knee in

With this exercise you can bring the knee straight up, or you can bring it across your chest to the opposite elbow.

Pushup w/hip raise

After you perform the push up, contract your abdominals to create to hip raise motion.

Medball Pushups

Pushup w/ADD Slides

If you don’t have sliders you can use towels on a hard surface. The adduction will activate your adductors (muscles on inside thigh), you will also feel some glute medius activation.

Wide Arm Pushups


Narrow Arm Pushups

This exercise will place some emphasis on the triceps.


Have fun with these pushup variations. Again, these are good to use as a superset to get that extra burn.

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