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Pectoralis Muscles (Pecs)

Pectoralis Muscles (Pecs)



These are the pectoralis muscles, also known as pecs. The functions of the pectoralis major (pictured on the right) includes shoulder flexion (raising your arm out in front of you), adducts the arm/shoulder (hugging motion) , and medially rotates the shoulder (rolling your shoulders inward).

The functions of the pec minor (shown on the left, lies underneath the pec major) differ a bit from the larger pec major. This muscle moves the scapula forward and downward and also plays a role in inhalation by expanding the 3rd thru fifth ribs.

Now with these muscles, shoulder function will depend vastly on how well these muscles are functioning. The issue with these muscles in a lot of you is that they are so over-tight, it impairs proper shoulder stability and mobility. Sitting at a computer all day at work is probably one of the biggest reasons these muscles become so tight. Your shoulders are essentially medially rotated (function of the pec major) for hours at a time every day. In order to correct this it is imperative you stretch and foam roll daily. On top of that you must strengthen weaker muscles which we will dive into a little later.

pec minor trigger point referral pec major trigger point referral

Trigger Point referral for Pec Minor and Pec Major

Click this link to learn how to foam roll the pecs!

Muscle release for the pectorals

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