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How to Foam Roll the Glutes

How to Foam Roll the Glutes

This video shows how to Foam Roll the Glutes! If you have never foam rolled before, start with a foam roller that is not as dense. It will allow you to be more comfortable when rolling on muscles that are pretty tender. The more you roll and less tender you become, you’ll be able to upgrade to one that has a little more density.

As shown in the video, when rolling your left glute, sit you left glute on the roller and cross your left leg over your right leg. Lean towards your left to place a fair amount of pressure on your glute. As you begin to feel less and less tenderness, repeat on the other side.

I often get asked how long do I foam roll for. My answer is always until you feel a significant change in the tissue. For some that may mean they feel a rush of blood surging into their muscles, they feel a good release in the muscle and feel it relax, or maybe it starts to become less and less tender. Either of those are good indicators on when you can stop foam rolling on a particular muscle.

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