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Gluteal Muscles (Glutes)

Gluteal Muscles (Glutes)



These are the gluteal muscles or glutes as they are called. Not shown is the the gluteus minimus which lies underneath the glute medius. The largest of the group, glute maximus is largely responsible for hip extension and external rotation of the hip.  The glute medius functions include hip abduction, (if you stand and lift your leg out to the side), hip external rotation (rotating your leg outwards), and hip internal rotation (rotating leg inwards). The gluteus minimus is assists the gluteus medius with several movements as well as being the primary internal rotator of the hip joint.

Now you notice how many times the word hip was seen above right? That means your glutes play a HUGE part in hip function. If these muscles become dysfunctional, either by becoming weak or over-tight, you are undoubtedly going to have hip problems. No if ands or… You get it.

glute medius trigger point referral glute maximus trigger point referralglute minimus trigger point referral 2 glute minimus trigger point referral

Trigger point referral patterns for the glute medius, glute maximus and glute minimus. All referral patterns are around the hip joint and the glute minimus referral affects the hip AND knee joints. Trigger points in the glute minimus often feel like sciatica and it’s a muscle that should always be addressed if you do feel any numbness or tingling down the leg!

Please check out the How to Foam Roll the Glutes video and apply that technique to your everyday routine until you feel a significant difference in the amount of tension you’re feeling.

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