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Exact Steps I Take To Relieve Shoulder Pain

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Do these Steps Consistently To Relieve Shoulder Pain

This post is all about how I relieve shoulder pain any time it arises. The constant motion I do daily when performing my massages as well as being an arm under the pillow sleeper, really has a negative affect on my shoulder, particularly my right shoulder.

I have also had shoulder issues during my years of playing football. Throughout my years of playing football I was never told how to manage or prevent the discomfort from happening again.

Now I don’t know how much it could’ve been prevented do to the nature of the sport, but it definitely could’ve been managed. It took some studying on my part to figure out how to eliminate this pain when it occurs.

I’ve been studying medical exercise for about 3 years now and combined that education with personal training and massage therapy education. The knowledge I gained between the three sources allowed me to put everything I have learned to the test.

Below is the routine I performed daily. For me, after 2 days of doing the following steps my shoulder was pain free. However, I have been weight training for more than half of my life so my muscle memory is very good when it comes to muscle activation.

For those of you whom have been inactive and have moderate to extreme weakness in your musculature, it can take several months of consistent releasing and strengthening exercises to fully eliminate the shoulder pain.

I place a huge emphasis on consistent. It can’t be something you do every now and then, it must be done regularly.

Daily Routine to Relieve Shoulder Pain

  1. Use Lacrosse ball and Theracane to relieve tension in following muscles: hold the pressure on spots that cause pain referral and wait until it subsides: Deltoids, infraspinatus, traps, teres major and minor, lats, rhomboids

  2. Use massage stick to release subscapularis trigger points

    massage stick

  3.  Foam roll the pectoralis major/minor

  4.  Stretch pectoralis major and minor after foam rolling

  5. Perform internal and external shoulder rotation using a band or dumbells 3 x 15—daily


While performing this routine you should avoid any chest presses, overhead presses, shrugs and lateral raises. Lay off the pectoral and deltoid exercises until you feel a significant decrease in the pain level. After you notice the pain is minimal, you can start gradually working in chest exercises, BUT make sure you still use the daily routine prior to doing the chest exercises.

I must reiterate again that these steps must be done regularly. Muscle memory must be changed and the only way to change it is by consistently working on changing it. Sounds simple enough right… You can’t have change without change!

Additional Tips for managing Shoulder Pain

Some additional tips for managing shoulder pain include not sleeping on your shoulder, do not sleep with your arm underneath your pillow like I do, try to reduce the amount of repetitive movements you do during the day, and stretch frequently if you do notice that you are in the same position throughout the day, move around as often as you can. 


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