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Know The Best Lower Pec Workouts and Its Benefits on your Health

Know The Best Lower Pec Workouts and its Benefits on your Health

Having well-defined pecs is essential for a balanced body. A great chest turns the heads but most importantly, it is crucial to make the athlete stronger for competition and helping perform many daily tasks.

When talking about the chest, it is essential to know that the pecs comprise three sections: upper, mid and lower. You must be kidding if you think that it’s only the top and mid-section that will give you an insane chest look.

So, here are some of the best lower pec workouts that will help you unlock the gains of your lower chest.

  • Decline Dumbbell Flys

Lie down on the decline bench with dumbbells. Make sure not to use the heavier one as you are going to use the triceps and forearm strength to push the heavier ones. Place yourself on the bench with a pair of dumbbells on your lap. Now, perform the movement while bringing the pairs to the ground, far from the body, and feel the stretch in lower pectorals.

  • Bodyweight dips

Almost every gym has the equipment where you need to perform the exercise – parallel bars. Lower yourself with the torso leaning forward at around 30 degrees. Once you feel the complete stretch while you have entirely lowered your body, use the triceps and pectorals to come up.

The advance movement of one of the best lower pec workouts is when you add dumbbells or chains in your body to add to the resistance. This is an excellent exercise for triceps and lower pecs.

  • Decline Bench Press

Though it is not the isolation movement for lower pecs, it gives a lot of tension to your lower chest. The best thing is you can go from heavy to very heavy in this exercise. Just get on a decline bench press with neutral back and retracted shoulder. Use a grip that is little more than shoulder-width apart. Lower the barbell towards the lower pecs and then squeeze the pectorals to bring back arms to the original position.

Bottom Line

As in the case of every group of muscles, if you are serious about developing a stronger more defined muscle, try to increase the training frequency. Therefore, make sure to include the above best lower pec workouts at least try to do twice a week. Remember to foam roll prior to working out!

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