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Banded At Work Exercise

Banded At Work Exercise

Please, take the time to do this banded at work exercise. The simple movements will be a huge step in the right direction when correcting posture is the concern. And because you may be sitting for hours on end, keeping the posterior musculature strong will significantly reduce the amount of stress and strain you feel from muscle imbalance.

With that being said make sure you release the tense muscles on top of doing your strengthening exercises . Those can be done using a theracane or lacrosse ball at work.

Just a Note

Upper back weakness is something I see on a daily basis and simply telling yourself to “stop slouching” aint gonna cut it I promise. You need to strengthen your muscles, they need it. I don’t make these videos to hear myself talk, I make them because so many of you have issues that could be resolved or reduced simply by what I recommend or suggest. Not because I am some kind of genius, it’s because the human body is genius!

Give your body a chance to show you how great it can be for you. You can’t drag your body through hell and expect it to make you feel like heaven.

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