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Back Pain Treatment–Natural Way

Natural Back Pain Treatment

BEST THING about being a massage therapist and personal trainer, more specifically an orthopedic exercise and functional training specialist, is that I can put myself through trials. The most recent trial was for Low back pain. YES I had low back pain. While performing massages I do not have the best body mechanics, which can put a lot of stress and strain on my back, especially when I do not work out efficiently. During this particular stretch of time I was not working out efficiently.

So one morning I wake up with pretty bad low back stiffness and mild pain. I couldn’t even bend over or lift my leg to put my socks on. But as the day went on, the stiffness subsided but the pain was still mild with some movements. Sound like some of you? I know it does. I thought to myself that this was the perfect time to do all those things I tell my low back pain clients to do for relief. This is a NATURAL back pain treatment. What I did is listed below–All just one week

Stretched all muscles in the legs 45 seconds or longer

quad stretchCalf Stretchhamstring stretch
Stretched all muscles in the core 45 seconds or longer

Foam rolled legs and glutes, released trigger points in Quadratus lumborum and glute medius using thumb, theracane and lacrosse ball.

foam rolling
5 Straight days of core exercises–hit the back extension pretty hard due to muscles feeling weak and likely being overstretched due to leaning forward during massages..

3 days of lower body workouts–very rarely will any back pain or problems be solved with legs that are dysfunctional either due to being weak or over-tight. The better your legs are functioning, the better your upper half will feel and function.

After that solid week of work the pain subsided completely and has never come back. It was the first time I experienced that type of pain so I was pretty nervous at first, much like how you probably were when you first experienced back pain. You most likely ran to the Dr only to be given meds and not a solution. Making your back even worse down the road. Sometimes the solution is simple if you know where to look AND take action.

fix my back pain

Don’t rely heavily on health professionals to solve your problems. Proper, consistent exercise AND soft tissue therapy can help relieve and prevent serious injuries from occurring. There is always a natural back pain treatment you can try, you just have to put in the effort. 


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