Who is the NFL BlogR?

Welcome to NFL BlogR! I am Jalen Parmele. I am a retired NFL athlete turned  Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Personal Trainer. I have specialty certifications in Orthopedic Exercise, Functional training and Fitness Nutrition. My inspiration for the development of this blog was inspired from the numerous clients in both massage and personal training that simply just didn’t have a good understanding on how their body functions, how to eliminate and manage pain, or prevent injury. So I’ve decided to put it into video and content for them and YOU to recite whenever they and you need!

Furthermore, after working on several clients through my massage therapy business, I realized that so many of them could benefit from having a regular exercise routine that focuses on strengthening the major muscles of the core as well as the smaller muscles surrounding the joints. There was an understanding that massage can help them feel better, but massage and exercise can help them stay better. So I will be adding videos of exercises as well.

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My Goal

My only purpose is to help you understand how to become a more functional pain free version of yourself. Education is powerful and the more you know the more you can better yourself and others, for that matter.

So sit back and enjoy my page NFL BlogR. Subscribe to the email list! I hope this page helps you in your journey on becoming a pain/tension, injury free version of yourself! I would get started with Pain Management Tips and Need to Know Anatomy

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