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5 Reasons You’re Not Building Muscle

5 Reasons You’re Not Building Muscle


Some men seem to have no problem in increasing muscle mass, but if your body is a bit overweight, even thin and skinny, then you might think that increasing muscle mass is all you need to do. Although it seems that every woman tries to lose weight in the gym, most men have different goals. If you don’t exercise muscle, there are some reasons.

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Muscle building is not complicated. Despite this, many people still spend hours a week in the gym, but can’t see their muscles growing. If you find yourself in this situation, it is best to double-check the routine and fixes any mistakes you may make. If you have been performing regular weight training for a while, but still don’t see the results, here are 5 reasons you’re not building muscle .

1. Poor Nutrition Program

Nutrition may be the most significant part of your exercise program, but many people avoid it completely. It’s no surprise if you eat like a bird or eat highly processed fast food. You need to provide muscles with the food needed for growth, which is not found in fast-food restaurants. Take time to change your diet and eat lean protein and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Although it may take a while for you to get used to this healthy diet, it is worth it in the long run and will eventually extend your lifespan.

Besides a healthy diet, you also need to have enough protein in your diet, which is not available to most of us. Just because you try to apply muscle, you can’t get a permit to start eating steak and dinner every night, but adding more fish, lean pork, and chicken to your diet is not a bad idea. If you find that you still can’t get enough protein, you can add protein powder to the food or drink protein shakes or beverages.


It is also essential that you consume protein within 30-60 minutes after your workout. After you tear down muscle tissue from weight training, your body begins to release the stress hormone Cortisol.

Cortisol eats away at muscle tissue for protein and converts it into glucose. So naturally, this process results in a loss of muscle tissue. In order to rebuild those micro-tears, you need to consume 20-30 grams of protein post workout.

Failure to do so will prevent you from seeing progress with muscle growth.


2. Failure to Give Proper Rest to the Body

Each muscle rule book has a fixed number of sets and times of goals, but to avoid muscle-building errors. It means that you will not always hit them and therefore, will not build muscle. Instead, focus on the general representative and let yourself take care of yourself. If your exercise specifies 5 groups, 5 times for each group, 25 times it doesn’t matter how many groups you need to reach that location. Doing more exercise means you can get more from these representatives because you are using the largest and strongest muscle fibers for more work.

A simple exercise will not build muscle. When blood pours in to repair muscles, the muscles become swollen. This is why you seem to have excess buffs and muscles that appear to crack immediately after exercise. At rest, your muscles will begin to recover. This will happen in the next few days. If you do not spend time resting, your muscles will not be able to gain the opportunities needed for growth.


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Therefore, it makes sense to adjust your muscle groups every day. If you relax on your day off, you will see better results. The most important thing is to ensure adequate sleep. Sleep is an opportunity for the body to repair itself, rebuild, and rejuvenate. Eating large amounts of protein before going to bed will ensure that your body has the protein it needs to recover and rebuild.

3. Poor exercising skills

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You have chosen the correct exercise method for exercise, but have you exercised correctly? If you want to exert maximum pressure on the muscle tissue, you must use a good form. Don’t follow the advice or imitate others in the gym; this is a way of spreading bad habits. Good forms include keeping your delegate slow and under control. It is recommended to use the eccentric phase for three seconds (decrease) and the concentric phase for one second (increasing). Do not use momentum (swing) because you are not stimulating muscles properly. Perform a full range of exercises, which can not only increase muscle pressure but also increase flexibility.

In most cases, if all you do is a lot of momentum based exercises; jerks, cleans, rapid pull-ups/chin ups… a lot of the force and energy is being absorbed by the tendons at the joints. The actual muscle bellies do not activate as much as they would with slower more controlled reps. This reason is why a lot of Crossfitters have injuries (tendonitis) at the joints, and it may be a reason why one is not able to build muscle effectively.

4. Loss of focus

set goals

If you think you will become healthy overnight, then leave it alone. Now those guys showing off their muscles have been working for many years. Even if you are looking for smaller muscle growth, you should still expect to work for several months to reach your goal. Any muscle growth that is faster than human-made or short-lived can also cause injuries in the long run. Therefore, before you start exhausting the thought that because of a month of exercise, you don’t look too good, please slow down, write down some goals, and then take some time.

You can’t attempt to look like people you see on social media or on TV. Your body is specific to you, and the fact is you may just not be able to put on muscle as easily as someone else. Focus on you, focus on the little goals and smaller gains because they will lead to larger gains as long as you keep progressing. 


5. Your Muscles are Dysfunctional

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This reason you’re not building muscle is not one that is addressed often. If your muscles are dysfunctional, they cannot grow effectively. If you have tight biceps for instance, the muscle fibers are in a locked short position. Any muscle fibers that are in a locked short position or tightly wound bonds are not going to be able to contract and release properly, which means they are not going to succumb to the tearing down and rebuilding process that occurs with weight training.

You will constantly attempt to do different variations of bicep curls because you want to see them grow, but you’re neglecting the one thing that needs to be addressed which is muscle release, by way of stretching and foam rolling.  When a muscle is over-tight, there’s a lack of blood flow and oxygen to the tissue. If it’s bad enough, there can be some nerve function impairment, meaning your nerves will not be sending and receiving signals to and from the muscle fibers efficiently.

Be sure to foam roll and stretch prior to exercise. Break up the tension and allow proper function of the muscle fibers.

muscle fiber

As you can see, building muscle is a complex task, but in essence, you need to be patient and also need to use common sense. By providing your body with the nutrients it needs and taking the time to perform valuable exercises at a reasonable rate, you will eventually achieve your goals and gain proud, lean muscle. Therefore, make sure that these reasons do not prevent you from gaining the desired muscle growth.


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