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3 Muscles That Cause Back Pain

3 Muscles that Cause Back Pain

muscles that cause back pain

These muscles are 3 deep muscles that cause back pain when overactive or dysfunctional. The quadratus lumborum (QL) and Psoas play a major part in chronic low back pain and tension. People who experience pain in the low back almost never assume it’s coming from either of these muscles.

quadratus lumborum psoas major iliacus muscle

Dysfunctional (weak or overtight) local muscles are most always the cause of pain. Local muscles are the muscle that are primarily used for stability and supporting your structure. Global muscles are the muscles primarily used for movement. If global muscles become dysfunctional, local muscles are forced to take on more of a role they are most likely not able to perform on a repetitive basis. Ultimately that will result in pain and compensation.

Both the psoas and QL muscles have attachments on the lumbar spine and when they become tight, they can cause trigger points to form affecting different areas of the hip, low back, and even legs. The psoas is especially tight in those whom sit prolonged hours at a time without stretching. The QL also may become tight due to prolonged sitting.

unlock hip flexors

In order to eliminate the tension, stretching and releasing must be performed. From what I hear from clients, releasing these muscles often causes immediate back pain relief. Be sure to check out my future posts on stretching and foam rolling techniques!

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